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Liability Waiver

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Safety Precautions

Please read our safety precautions

Before you join us, we strongly recommend you to read instructions and safety precautions about our inflatable slide.

Aloha Thunder - First Inflatable Water Slide in Saint Louis, Missouri

For the first time in St. Louis, you can feel the excitement of inflatable water slide. Aloha Mini Golf & Shave Ice is adding the wonder of a water slide to its shaved ices and amusement park. Now playing golf, enjoying shaved ice and experiencing a water slide full of surprises, is now possible at one place: Aloha. You can refresh your mind and body after the game of golf with an exciting trip to the water world. Aloha has got not just a water slide; it is inflatable water slide that mesmerizes your senses to the maximum leaving you with a feeling of trying it once again. Once you step into the world of this water slide, then all else is gone, and your mind feels exaggerated, transforming itself into a brand new world of exhilaration and delirium. It makes you feel as light as a bird that can fly with both its wings without any interference of gravity.

As you know Aloha Mini Golf & Shave Ice is the only place where you can enjoy inflatable water slide in St. Louis area, we encourage you to book the slide straight away because the more you wait the more you’ll have to wait as people of Saint Louis are very excited to enjoy their ride.


We are offering limiting slots per hour so if you want to book Aloha Thunder right away, you can give us a call right now.

Our inflatable water slide that is designed technically for the excitement and water lovers. It has water all over its body along with specially designed cushions to let you enjoy without any risk.

Here are some of the salient features of our inflatable water slide available only at Aloha:

  • Expandable design with maximum compatibility
  • Improvised water drain system
  • Systemized water recovery and recycle system
  • Soft and tubular structure with maximum support
  • Freshwater pool with secure drop zone
  • Constant air supply with sealed air management
  • Light and advanced air cushions for landing
  • Multi-environment facility
  • Human-friendly cushion pressurization structure
  • Supportive side lane with air-filled cushions
  • Convenient transportability and mobility
  • Perfectly balanced pressurization

Due to these and many more unusual features of this magical water slide, Aloha has introduced its thrill to the people of St. Louis for the very first time.  Come and visit our Aloha mini golf club and experience a new era of water stir.

Also, keep in mind some of the essential points to avoid any risk of tarnishing your memorable time with your loved ones. Observe these tips before you start your zero gravity water trip in our water slide:

  • 300 lb. maximum, 70 lb. minimum, 42″ height minimum
  • Do not ignore the advice of attendant at any cost
  • Do not enter the slide if attendant is not present
  • Follow all the safety rules
  • Wear flat and soft clothes without embellishments for the ride
  • Remove your jewelry, sunglasses and shoes before entering
  • Empty your pockets for any coin or pointed object
  • Do not take any food item or sprays inside the slide
  • Pets are not allowed in the premises
  • Avoid rough play near the cushion tubular system
  • Do not tumble, chase wrestle or pile while inside the slide
  • Keep in mind the age balance. Adults with adults and children with children
  • Avoid using the slide in case of bad weather like rain, storm or lightening
  • If inflatables deflate or any emergency occurs, do not panic. Leave the slide peacefully
  • Only one person at one time
  • Do not slide in an inverted position. Slide with your correctly erect position. With head first and foot last

Just keep in mind these useful life tips and enjoy tour tremendous ride on inflatable water slide at Aloha mini golf club. We are sure you will love this unique sensation. Take out time for this type of experience to recreate yourself back into the thrill of life.



There is a maximum of 20 sliders during any 1/2 hour session, so book your space NOW.”

ONLINE PRICING: $13 1/2 hour – $19 hour – $28 all day – $31 all day w/golf
PAY AT WINDOW PRICING: $16 1/2 hour –  $23 hour – $30 all day – $33 all day w/golf